Enjoy your night out excursion in this sophisticated halter/tube floral motives dress, featuring a contrast floral motives and fashioned with a cinched center bust detail. Wear it as a halter or tube according to your liking. For those who hates ironing, ta da, this is another wrinkle-free collection for you!

Description : Contrast Floral Motives Halter/Tube Dress
Price : RM39
Order Code : Shania (Code : 01)
Color : Shania 01, Shania 02, Shania 03, Shania 04, Shania 05, Shania 06
Material : Cotton (bust area) & Lycra
Size : Fits UK4 to UK14
Measurement : Bust Line : 66 cm – 92 cm
Underbust : 66 cm – 90 cm
Waist Line : 80 cm – 120 cm
Length (From Under Bust) : 66 cm
Status : Shania 01(SOLD)
: Shania 02 (SOLD)
: Shania 03 (SOLD)
: Shania 04 (SOLD)
: Shania 05 (SOLD)
: Shania 06 (SOLD)
COMBO : Buy ANY 2 for RM70!!!

This is one of kath’s favorite collection ! It’s simple adorable yet awesomely stylish and elegant at the same time. Betty-Boops features a layered top made of good cotton. There are so many varieties for you to choose from, from alphabetical design to polka dots to newspaper prints – you name it, you’ve got it. Betty-Boop comes with a stylish outer wear – wear it with or without, we assure you, you’ll definitely look good in it ! Grab one and simply wear it for a casual outing by matching it with shorts/mini skirt, or even to work by slipping on a formal slacks.   Man, we’re just loving this collection! *drool*

Description : Stylish Layered Casual Top
Price : RM39
Order Code : Betty Boop (Series i.e.
Series : Alphabetical, Mirrored L, Polka Dots, Numerical, Leopard, Newspaper, Bubble Striped, Falling Stars
Material : Good cotton
Size : Fits UK4 – UK12
Measurement : Shoulder width : 31.5 cm
Arm Hole : 40 cm
Bust Line : 78 cm – 92 cm
Waist Line : 70 cm – 88 cm
Length (From shoulder) : 59 cm
Status : Betty-Boop (Alphabetical Series) – SOLD
: Betty-Boop (Mirrored L Series) – SOLD
: Betty Boop ( Polka Dot Series)
: Betty-Boop (Numerical Series) – SOLD
: Betty-Boop (Leopardish Series) – SOLD
: Betty-Boop (Newspaper Print Series) – SOLD
: Betty-Boop ( Bubble Striped Series)
: Betty-Boop (Falling Stars Series) – SOLD
Note : Each Betty-Boop comes with a free stylish outerwear
COMBO : Buy any 2 Betty-Boop for RM70!!

Wear our Daisy Lou for your next important date, with details including a gentle bust padding, removable transparent bra straps with gentle ruching at the crest, a light smocked upper back with vertical pleats accents at the bottom. Simply match it with chained necklace and you’re absolutely ready to go!

Description : Gorgeous Olive Tube Dress
Price : RM39
Order Code : Daisy Lou
Color : Olive Green
Material : Good cotton
Size : Fits UK4 to UK8
Measurement : Bust Line : 74 cm – 82 cm
Waist Line : 76 cm – 88 cm
Length (From shoulder) : 57 cm
Status : Olive Green
Note : Gentle Bust Padding & Transparent Bra straps included
Combo : Purchase a Daisy Lou with the attached Necklace for only RM45!


We have new stuffs.

Something that we’ve never posted before…. something… different….

They are..


Check them out, babes.


Aren’t they gorgeous? These quality lovelies are directly from Korea, made of dazzling stones. These lovelies sparkle even with only a slight stream of light! Absolutely suitable for formal dinner events! These usually fetch about RM90 per set out there. Good news for you – here in Walking Wardrobe we’re only selling it at RM38 per set (matching bracelet + ring)  ! Size of the bracelet and ring are adjustable – so it should fit you well! 🙂 Want to look classy without paying the high price? Then grab this before it is gone! You would definitely not regret it ! Order code : Bracelet + Ring  Set (Color i.e. Turqouise/Black/ Brown).

*Turquoise set : SOLD ! ! *

*Black set : SOLD ! ! *

Go retro chic with our suggested combination of Francoise Top and Luciane Skirt. Francoise Top is a plain simple cotton tank adorned with 2 elegant looking flower pieces while Luciane skirt a woven skirt featuring vertical pleats, 2 front side entry pockets with a back zipper closure and a finished bottom hem. The waistline is nicely decorated with a linked frontal buckle, making it a unique skirt for a discerning lady!

Francoise and Luciane (Whole view)

Francoise Top & Luciane Skirt Upclose (below): Francoise Top is elegantly adorned with 2 non-removable flower pieces. For details on Luciane skirt, kindly refer below.

Francoise and Luciane (Upclose)

Luciane Upclose (below): A  stylish linked frontal buckle at the waistline.

Luciane (Features 1)

Luciana Upclose (below) : 2 front side entry pockets.

Luciane (Features 2)


Description : Plain Simple Tank Top
Price : RM39
Order Code : Francoise
Color : Black
Size : UK4 – UK10
Measurement : Shoulder Width : 26 cm
Arm Hole : 52 cm
Bustline : 74 cm – 94 cm (Stretchable)
Below Bust : 66 cm – 90 cm
Length (From Shoulder) : 58 cm
Status : Black (SOLD)


Description : Chic Woven Skirt
Price : RM55 RM45!
Order Code : Luciane (Size i.e. Small)
Color : Brown
Sizes Fits UK 4- UK8
: : Small Medium Large
Measurement : Low Waist : 67 cm 73 cm 76 cm
Hips : 74 cm 79 cm 84 cm
Length : 45.5 cm 47 cm 47 cm

: Brown (Small) – SOLD
Brown (Medium)
Brown  (Large)


Enjoy a lovely day out in our Nellie featuring a soft vertical pleats at both sides of the bust area as well as below bust. Nellie is made of cotton and is beautifully printed with blooming floral accents. Other details include, smocked backing, finished hem and it’s fully lined. Notice how we didn’t mention whether it’s a top or a skirt?  That’s because it can be worn as top as well as skirt ! Isn’t this a brilliant master piece? It’s definitely going to worth the price you’re paying for. Trust us : )












Way of dressing 1 : As a cute tube top


Way of dressing 2 : As a lovely skirt


Way of dressing 3:  As a comfy casual sleeved top

Nellie02 upclose

Upclose: Nellie is fully lined

Description : Blooming Top/Skirt
Price : RM39
Order Code : Nellie (Code i.e. Nellie01)
Design : Nellie 01, Nellie 02, Nellie 03, Nellie 04
Size : UK4 – UK10
Measurement : Bustline : 60 cm – 82 cm
Below Bust : 62 cm – 80 cm
Length (From Under Arm) : 50.5 cm

: Nellie 01 (SOLD OUT!)
Nellie 02 (SOLD OUT!)
Nellie 03 (SOLD OUT!)
Nellie 04 (SOLD OUT!)
Others : Please note that the tops, Kataline is for sale as well.Details at https://walkingwardrobe.wordpress.com/2009/08/06/kataline/


p/s: if you are wondering why there’s no ‘way of dressing 3’ for Nellie 01 & 02, do not fret! It can still be worn as shown in Nellie 03 & Nellie 04. The story goes like this.. while we were trying to take off Nellie 02 from our mannequine to put on Nellie03 (by pulling up the skirt over our Kataline lazily instead of taking off Kataline first), a sudden enlightenment dawn upon us..whereby we figured that, “hey, it can be worn this way (the birth of way of dressing 3) as well!! ” Now, would you trust that we in W|W would go far just to be innovative in giving you some ideas on how to dress up with our clothings already? heh 😛