A cozy last minute addition, throw this open cardigan over your outfit for a perfectly cozy afternoon. Details include a self tie front, elegant pleats at the bottom and back of the cardi. Made of excellent cotton. So stylish and gorgeous that you must not leave your home without it! Absolutely suitable both for work and play ! : )

Description : Top Shop Inspired Stylish Pleated Cardigan
Price : RM39
Order Code : Aldrena
Color : Black
Material : Excellent Cotton
Size : Fits UK4 to UK18
Measurement : Shoulder width : 37 cm
Sleeves Length : 10 cm
Bust Line : 82 cm – 110 cm
Waist Line : 74 cm – 94 cm
Length (From shoulder) : 70 cm
Status : Black (ALL SOLD)

Amp up your look with our sleeveless knit top featuring detailed antique metallic beads sewn along the scoop neckline. Other features include an “X” back style, soft pleats, a flowy bodice, and a finished hem. And yes, gorgeous is how you describe our Shavonne! Good cotton, stretchable!

Description : Antique Metallic Beaded Top
Price : RM45
Order Code : Shavonne (Color i.e. Black)
Color : Black, Maroon
Material : Soft Cotton (Awesome workmanship)
Size : Fits UK4 to UK 20!
Measurement : Shoulder width : 24 cm
Arm Hole :
Bust Line : 72 cm – 110 cm
Waist Line : 78 cm – 120 cm
Length (From shoulder) : 71 cm
Status : Black (SOLD)
: Maroon (SOLD)

Presenting one of Kath’s favorite blouse – Sofia  (she kept the black blouse to herself :P), an exquisite sleeveless satin blouse with unique front pleats. Other details include a single eye hook side zipper with pearl button at the back closure. Absolutely suitable for office, casual and even dinner wear! So in love with it! We assure you the quality worth every penny that you’ll be paying for. Oh by the way, restock is possible!!

Description : Exquisite Sleeveless Satin Blouse
Price : RM45
Order Code : Sofia (Color i.e. Light Steel Blue)
Color : Light Steel Blue, Turquoise, Black
Material : Satin
Size : Fits UK4 to UK10
Measurement : Shoulder width : 32 cm
Bust Line : 88 cm
Waist Line : 74 cm
Length (From shoulder) : 64 cm
Status : Light Steel Blue (SOLD)
: Turquoise (SOLD)
: Black (SOLD)

Description : Sweet Eyelet Trimed Sleeves Top
Price : RM39
Order Code : Daliah (Color i.e. Black)
Color : White, Grey, Black
Material : Cotton & Linen
Size : Fits UK4 to UK14
Measurement : Shoulder width : 34 cm
Arm Hole : 48 cm
Bust Line : 76 cm – 96 cm
Underbust : 76 cm – 82 cm
Length (From shoulder) : 66 cm
Status : White (SOLD)
: Grey(SOLD)
: Black(SOLD)

Corporate ladies, heads up!

Introducing our Alexandreana, a feminine smart collared sleeveless gorgeous satin dress that fits like a dream! Details include a hidden single hook-eye top closure side zipper, 2 invisible side pocket and belt loops with a matching removable belt. Other details include exquisite vertical pleats, smoked backing with finish hem! Quality assured!

For an absolute classy-corporate look, just slip on a pair of high heels with a matching leatheree handbag and be on the move, babes!

oh, do check out the unbelievable price for offered for such superior quality! ; )  Credit goes to my supplier (if you’re reading), thank you for that absolute good price given!

Description : Gorgeous Corporate Satin Dress
Price : RM58
Order Code : Alexandreana (Color i.e. Black)
Color : Black, Grey
Material : Satin
Size : Fits UK4 – UK8
Measurement : Shoulder width : 30 cm
Arm Hole : 46 cm
Bust Line : 78 cm – 86 cm
Waist Line : 66 cm – 70 cm
Length (From shoulder) : 85.5 cm
Status : Black (SOLD)
: Grey (SOLD)
Note : Removable belt is provided for FREE

Subtle shimmering pindots all over this sleeveless tunic printed with elegant roses. Solid color back. Scoop neckline with finished hem. Simply pull it off with a pair of tights/leggings with or without a matching belt, and now, you’re all ready to go (best fit the petites, though)

Description : Shimmering Pindots Floral Tunic
Price : RM39
Order Code : Jacyntha (i.e. Black with Pink Floral)
Color : White with Pink Floral, White with Blue Floral, Black with Pink Floral
Material : Good cotton with shimmering pindots front
Size : Fits UK4 to UK8
Measurement : Shoulder width : 30 cm
Arm Hole : 49 cm
Bust Line : 78 cm – 84 cm
Waist Line : 70 cm – 78 cm
Length (From shoulder) : 66 cm
Status : White with Pink Floral (SOLD)
: White with Blue Floral (SOLD)
: Black with Pink Floral (SOLD)

Feminine pin-tucked buttoned shirt with capped  sleeves and a delicate sheer lace yoke. Jean series is available in 3 denim jeans color for you to choose from! We in Walking Wardrobe loves this series!   Simply femininely stylish!

Description : Feminine Laced Yoke Denim Dress
Price : RM45
Order Code : Jean (Series i.e. 01)
Series : Jean 01, Jean 02, Jean 03
Material : Lace & Denim Cotton
Size : Fits UK4 to UK14
Measurement : Shoulder width : 38.5 cm
Arm Hole : 25 cm
Bust Line : 96 cm
Waist Line : 90 cm
Length (From shoulder) : 77.5 cm
Status : Jean 01 (SOLD)
: Jean 02 (SOLD)
: Jean 03 (SOLD)

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