What is Walking Wardrobe?

We’re an online fashion boutique blogshop which constantly strives to provide you latest fashion clothings & accessories with one sole concept in mind : Simple yet elegant.

You can be well ensured that the products offered are of good quality as all items are individually hand-picked, under the proper scrutinization by someone who CARES– the owner of this blogshop herself. We will also do our utmost best in providing you the best price and quality  for every product. Because we are confident of our quality, we photograph the actual product itself as accurate as we can and even provide close-up photos for your further examination. We don’t use stock photography.

We have one sole business objective in mind – that is to provide you with a satisfying fashion shopping experience! Our constant job scopes in throat-drying negotiations with suppliers, carrying heavy bulks of clothings and accessories, scrutinizing  each item and etc would mean nothing if we fail to bring satisfaction to you. We don’t know and can’t explain why, but every time our customers are happy and satisfied, we feel very fulfilled and motivated to do better!

So, with lots of love and care, we hope that you will enjoy shopping with us here.

Feel free to drop us any feedback on how to improve ourselves or to let us know what’s your fashion needs for us to be on a look out in the future. Remember, YOUR SATISFACTION is our top priority.

Check out our testimonials page to see what our customers have to say about  their Walking Wardrobe experience!

Who’s behind Walking Wardrobe?


Kath left her 9am-6pm job to pursue her dream and her passion.

Years of secret longing in her heart to fill in the gap in the fashion industry has finally unveiled itself.

Complaints such as these often echoed in many girls’ conversations, including hers over the years.. despite the ever changing fashion trends.

“ Why are today’s clothings so trendy? It’s too fashionable for my style. Why aren’t there any clothings that are simply elegant and nice? ”.

“ If only there’s one shop that caters to all my fashion needs without me having to go high and low from shops to shops just to get one attire!!”

“ I really hope to wear different dresses for different functions! It’s embarassing that my same group of friends that attended the same function sees me in the same dress again! Arghs, but the dresses are so pricey!!”

“If only this dress I wore for the dinner functions can be wore to work also! That’ll be great! I would get to have more varities of working clothes than just some boring plain old shirts”

“Why accessories have to be sooooooooooooooo expensive! But yet, those cheap ones just look to cheap. People would know those are cheap accessories!”

A girl whom secretly wished there’s this one specific shop that caters to all her fashion needs with just one concept in mind:  “simple yet elegant” decided to come out to fill in the gap for the many young adults out there!

If you’re one of them, we do hope you will find our taste suits you well.

Why  named Walking Wardrobe?
We’re sure everyone would be wondering if our boutique actually travels around.

Well……….. unfortunately, for now, nopes.

Walking Wardrobe simply means that the fashion clothings and accessories made to you by us will be so attractive yet so affordable, that you can practically see a fast movement/changing of your clothings in the wardrobe . Which means to say, with us around,  all your previous gloomy-looking-oldish clothes in your wardrobe shall make way to the walking of new fashionable clothings and accessories into your wardrobe.

Seriously, you do not have to save up your birthday allowances, or payment of your salary every month or your angpaus/duit raya during the festive seasons just to buy some clothing to reward yourself. We ensure you, the price you will be seeing is going to be as affordable as it can be.

The advantage of Walking Wardrobe is, we will ensure the money that you pay go most to the quality of the product, rather than setting the best environment for you – which would be coming out of your OWN pocket!

Lots of love,



5 Responses to “About us”

  1. Nice blog, offers niche fashion stuff

  2. tracy Says:

    do you have a shop ? i would like to go to shop and have a look at the cloths..because i try to purchase thru the internet b4…but when it;s reach…it;s material not the same…

    1. walkingwardrobe Says:

      Dear Tracy,

      We’re sorry to inform you that we do not have a shop. However, if you do notice our philosophy of ‘what you see is what you get’ and also testimonials from our customers, you can be rest assured of what you buy. We emphasize on taking pictures of the actual product itself and not borrow picture from somewhere else.

      Actually we do understand your hesitation, because we personally experienced such situation before last time and didn’t like it. That’s why we’re here to make a difference, which explains our philosophy on quality and clarity (so many different angles, zoom-ins, descriptions, info etc).

      Give us a try, girl! It might just change your perception of online shopping 😉

  3. walkingwardrobe Says:

    Thanks for the info!

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