This collection is series is definitely a mysteriously interesting , no?

The combination of the 5 piece in a set is so exquisitely unique, comprising a sweet looking pink/purple floral piece, a weaved brown ribbon along the silver piece, a embossed bubble texture on another, a plain silver petite bangle and lastly, a white solid surface with silver lining.

Looking absolutely brilliant, whether you wear it as a set or by separate piece!

We love it!

Price : RM25

Order Code : Floral Mixed

Measurement : ~21.5 cm – 22 cm

Status : Available

This is a collection made to mix and match according to your liking! Comes in a set of 5 mixed fashionable texture and print ! The leopardess is a must in this mixture – daringly gorgeous! You’ve gotta love the price we’re offering for this FIVE combo set ; )

Price : RM25

Order Code : Fashionable Leopardess Mixed

Measurement : 22 cm

Color : Silver Set ; Gold Set

Status : Available

This stunning weaved piece with the solid black gold sided bangle that comes in a set makes a beautiful statement together! We love it!

Order Code : Solid Metal Weaved Bangle Set

Price : RM15

If you’re looking for less traditional bangle, you may want to check out our square-linked silver bangle! Solidly shinny, you can even use it as a mirror in case of emergency ! *winks* Absolutely stretchable, fits you babes from all sizes 😉

Order Code : Square-Linked Bangle

Price : RM29

Size : Fits all sizes

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Egyptian-pyramid inspired texture, this bangle set is ready to be worn individually or as a set! You can wear it for different functions, be it formal to casual and looking absolutely great still!
Feel free to mix and match with the rest of your bangle collection and see the wonders of style it can bring out!

Order Code : Egyptian Gold Bangle Set

Price : RM18

Size : Fits all sizes!

Sometimes, basic is all that you strive for in your style. Look no further! Our elegant solid bangle is what you’re looking for. Comes in 2 pieces.

Best part of it, match it with any color dresses/tops and you’re all ready to go !

Order Code : Elegant Solid Bangle

Price : RM15

Size : Fits all sizes!

A wonderful set of multiple classy gold bangles with different polished textures. Wear them all or share with your girl friends!

Order Code : Classy Gold Bangle Set

Price : RM20

Size : All sizes!

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