Hi Kath,
I’ve received the dress today..it’s lovely, thanks a lot! I especially like the personal touch you put to it..definitely excellent service! 🙂
I have written about it on my blog..you can view it at http://www.bengelineprincess.blogspot.com. Thanks again and hope to be in touch!

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I am impressed by the wonderful service! Love everything about Walking Wardrobe! Keep it up!

Mary-Ann Yong, KK Sabah

Dear Kath,

Yes I received it yesterday, it’s gorgeous! Thank you for the earrings too, that was very thoughtful of you. I’ll be sure to recommend it to my friends now that I’ve seen your products.

Wan Yen, Damansara

Hi Kat,  Now I’ve cool and stylish additions to my wardrobe which certainly gives more colour and spunk to my rather boring wardrobe..haha.I’ve also got a lovely addition to my handbag collection. Looking forward to more bags and clothes ya.. =) You’ve certainly a great sense of style, and wonderful service …thanks babe !!

Sarah Ng, Shah Alam

to be frank, i would want to come back and get more stuff from KATH as she has now gained my trust 🙂 i must say that i’m really impress about her delivering the items, she doesn’t procrastinate..

marian mobilik, sarawak

Hi Kath,

I want to let you know I have received my items just now! Love all of them! The blue from Ruth turned out to be much nicer than the photo itself! It’s the blue that I like ^_^. Really looking forward to see more new stocks from you. I have already let my sister and colleagues know about your site.

Katherine lee, Sabah

Just received my baju., nice n suka sgt.. thanks for your little gift.. i like and bole beli lg yer.. 🙂

Noor Erma, Damansara Heights

Awesome choice plus quality products =) and as they always say, CRM is what makes a biz standout; Kath delivers the best service i know =) wayyy to go! keep it up!
love,Sheh-MyinHi Kath,

i’ve got the parcel just now! and i’m loving it!

i’ll buy more from ur boutique, i can assure u that. hehehee.
nice job, babe! muaxxxxxxxx !!!

Mira Mirna Musa,Putrajaya

Thumbs up to walking wardrobe. Awesome selection of clothing, stunning with the simplicity of it. I must compliment the great service from Kath. Am very impressed with the good quality of the purchases as well. Definitely worth recommendations. Keep up the great job =) God bless

michelle chok, Selangor

hello there. i just got m parcel yesterday and you know whut. i love the dress so much. thanx for the gift tooo. whut a lovely on9 shopping i ever met. heeee. thanx 🙂

Nur Farihan Othman, Kelantan

Hi Kath,

I’ve received the dress today..it’s lovely, thanks a lot! I especially like the personal touch you put to it..definitely excellent service! 🙂 I have written about it on my blog..you can view it at www.bengelineprincess.blogspot.com. Thanks again and hope to be in touch!

Angeline, Penang

Hi, I’ve received my Janella dress this morning..this is my 1st purchase and i’m very satisfied with ur service and most of all the quality and material of the dress..love it very much..been looking for this kinda dress for quite some time. nice material and fits me well..will definitely purchase more from u soon. will recommend this site to my friends as well. Thanks again… =) All the best in your sales and will be waiting for more from this site…

Wendy, Johor Bahru

Hey there

3 days ago, I replied you in Twitter

Anyway, in case you missed that out, I received the parcel 3days ago and I wore the yellow dress in the next day. Everyone was complimenting the dress and even some strangers stopped by to ask me where I got the dress from, and I happily said it was from your online shop.

With much love,
Chayanne, Penang

Dear Kath,

I have received the dresses today. They look just as good as the picture, and I’m happy with the quality & workmanship as well. Definitely no regrets fo buying 3 pcs in one go. Will definitely recommend W|W to my friends! 🙂

Wye Ee, Selangor

I really love the polka dot dress, Dorinda i bought recently. Was contemplating at first, but am really glad that i made the decision to buy it. 🙂 The dress can be worn in many ways…for work, leisure or dinner, depending on how it is mixed & matched. Thanks again Kath. For the lovely dresses & most importantly excellent service!!

Debbi, KL

Hi Kath, I love the earrings, tops and dress that i bought today. You have a great sense of style and I will definitely haunt you for more later! Do let me know when you have new items on sale :-)!.

Emma, KL

Thanks for the lovely dress (Herminie). I really like it. =) Am still considering about the black dress i told you that day. Will let u know whether I want it asap. Do update me when there’s new stocks. Looking forward to shop again.. Hehe.. Was fun!

Jacq ^^, KL

Kath, your dresses quality are so good that I have no doubts when recommending W|W to my friends. I love your dresses !!!! – Julie, Johor Bahru

I always have this thing for dresses.. just loved Evaelle, Liesellotte & Amethyste, even my bf complimented that it was lovely :DBeing a very meticulous buyer, I must say kudos to WW for keeping up to its name on its superior quality, affordable price, its unique and flattering design! Certainly looking forward to your future collection.

Anne, Selangor

Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchases (Yvonnette & Kristele) .The workmanship of the clothings is very good and strong. I’ve bought a fair share of clothes from random boutiqes at much higher prices, but the sticthings are sometimes all over the place and they don’t hold for very long. I always ended up having to do a lil bit of patching up of my own. I recently also found out that one of the dresses I bought at one of the boutiques is sold in WW for ALMOST half the price I paid for. WW has certainly served up to expectation in terms of style, quality and price!

Lee Lian, Selangor

“I’ve purchased 5 pieces of tops/dresses from Walking Wardrobe! I absolutely agree with their tagline – what you see is what you get. Looking forward to purchase more from Walking Wardrobe. Thanks!”

Seck Ni, KL

I introduced W|W to a couple of friends and they ended up so excited with the dresses they bought! Quality of the dresses? No questions about it! They were also absolutely elated with the services W|W had provided. Never fail to impress friends 🙂 Keep up with the great job there! – Jane, Selangor-

Hi Kath, tried it (Amethyste) on when i got home. It fits and up to expectation. Will definitely see me again and i will recommend your website to other frens.. Hope you take in more dresses and tops suitable for both work & play..


Yen Nee, Selangor

Our cousin’s sweet sixteen was just around the corner, so we decided to purchase a dress from Walking Wardrobe, due to their attractive prices and selection. We bought the pink Iveline, which we both thought was an outstanding tube dress, and suitable for all ages! The pretty flower cutout patterns stood out making it a unique piece, instead of usual plain printings. Our cousin loved the dress gift, especially since it was in her favourite shade of color! 🙂 Now, who says you cant afford a dress as a birthday gift? Thank You Walking Wardrobe, for helping us share our love through gift. – Joash & Su Chen, Klang

I purchased a Henriette, a Nolwenne and a Marcie from Walking Wardrobe. I have to say, I am surprised that the price comes with such good quality. I had washed my black Marcie for the first time the other day and the colour remains intact with no fading. That makes the clothing really worth the price! Another big plus point is I have received compliments and positive stares when I wore Marcie and Henriette due to their unique designs! I proudly recommend Walking Wardrobe to them and to everyone who’s into quality! – Siew Yee, KL

I do not give high regards to the quality of online clothing until I discover walkingwardrobe.wordpress.com. All the clothing and linings are extremely well made from good fabrics with superlative service.What you see is what you get. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase from this website again and would highly recommend to anyone who is browsing this website now. Please go try and buy!

Cheers, Yin Lee, Selangor

Thank you for Iveline & Florette! I love it! I would say that your clothes look 99% accurate on the design and colour, and 99% the exact of the photos online.Looking forward to purchase more!  Love,  Jacklyn (Selangor)