Modern with vintage feel, this romantic floral dress features a mesh overlay for a sense of elegance! Details include a satin trim at bust and waistline with hidden side zipper. Hearty bustline with elasticized backing. you’ve got an important date of dinner function to attend? Our Kaylynn is definitely a must-have !
Description : Romantic Floral Mesh Overlay Dress
Price : RM45
Order Code : Kaylynn (Purple Floral)
Color : Blue Floral, Red Floral, Purple Floral
Material : Cotton with mesh overlay
Size : Fits UK4 to UK10
Measurement : Bust Line : 70 cm – 82 cm
Waistline : 66 cm – 74 cm
Length (From Under Arm) : 67 cm
Status : Blue Floral
: Red Floral
: Purple Floral