This sweater cardigan is cotton knit. The open front has slight draping with tab sleeves. Additional draping around the back. A comfy sweater to wrap yourself in when it’s a little nippy outside. Best part of our Slyvie is it can be tied forward or backward, both creating a different elegant stylish look!

Description : Springtime Sweater Cardigan
Price : RM40
Order Code : Slyvia (Color i.e. Black)
Color : White, Black, Brown, Grey
Material : Knit Cotton
Size : Fits UK4 to UK20! (Practically all sizes)
Measurement : Shoulder width : 41 cm
Sleeves Length : 62 cm (Foldable to tab sleeves)
Length (From shoulder) : 54 (to highest point)
Length (From shoulder) : 77 cm (to the lowest point)
Status : White (SOLD)
: Black (SOLD)
: Brown (SOLD)
: Grey (SOLD)