Bored with plain boring shirt?

Then you gotta slip on our Mikayla by matching it with a pair of shorts or jeans and you’re all set to go. The floral prints definitely create a subtle 70s’ feel yet stylish in its own ways with details include anchor tab sleeves with 2 front pockets and pin waist to show off your pretty body shape. Made of good cotton.

Description : Anchor Tab Floral Shirt
Price : RM39
Order Code : Mikayla (Series i.e. Series 01)
Series : Mikayla Series 01, Mikayla Series 02, Mikayla Series 03
Material : Good Cotton
Size : Fits UK6 – UK12
Measurement : Shoulder width : 42 cm
Sleeves Length : 57 cm
Bust Line : 94 cm
Waist Line : 88 cm
Length (From shoulder) : 62 cm
Status : Mikayla Series 01 (SOLD)
: Mikayla Series 02 (SOLD)
: Mikayla Series 03 (SOLD)
Note : White tube is NOT included