Achtung !

If you’re a fan of NaRaYa, surprise surprise ! We in Walking Wardrobe had brought in some NaRaYa bags & pouches for you!

For those who have yet to know what’s NaRaYa, please click *here*.

Today, NaRaYa brand has gained its recognition worldwide with international presence in US, Korea, Singapore, Saudi Arabia , etc and is obviously the talk about trend around the globe ! Naraya is especially known for its beautiful fabrics, unique designs and quality materials.

If you’re still skeptical about it, do buy one and judge yourself! : ) You will definitely love it !

Do stay tuned for more posts !

p/s: And oh, by the way ..we’re  not paid for promoting NaRaYa! we’re doing this simply because we are loving and trusting this brand ourselves!