Dearest lovely people,

First of all, we would thank you all so much for visiting Walking Wardrobe! The number of visits shown under our system everyday are unbelievably high (at least for a starter like us) ! Thank you so very much for all the supports (yes, including the trouble for clicking the link ! ).

Special thanks to you girls (you know who you are) for having so much  faith & confidence in purchasing from us ( it was just 4 days since our launching) ! You girls are the best!

Secondly, we’re aware that some of you might be expecting something new – at least a new post, or pictures of new stocks, or maybe an explaination of what’s next for Walking Wardrobe? We assure you, we will be back with more updates on Walking Wardrobe real soon! We truly appreciate your patience for now : )

However, however, at the mean time, please do not stop visiting us and keep the feedbacks (good and bad) coming in. We’re really looking into the feedbacks provided by you all so far and improving the whole site as best as we could.

Once again, thank you all so much!



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